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Welcome to the Hillcrest Alberta Mine Disaster Wiki - this is currently a project in progress, but we hope to include as much information as we can about the 189 men that lost their lives on June 19, 1914.

Click here for full list of all 189 miners.

Other information:

Definition of Compensation levels
Definition of Occupations

Mary Bole and Belle Kovach have spent the last few years attempting to collect as much information as they can about the 189 men. If you have more information about the miners, have any questions, or wish to use this information in another source, please contact them at

For information on the 100th Anniversary, please check out Hillcrest Mine Disaster 100th Anniversary

From: Wilson, Diana. Triump and Tregedy in the Crowsnest Pass, 2004, p.8
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If you would like to see more information that we have gathered, please go to