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Ambulance List

From: Blairmore Enterprise, Dec 24, 1914. Under the auspices of the Daughters of the Empire, Mrs. F.J. Smith, Mrs. G. Cruickshank, and other ladies have recently been taking subsctiptions on account of the Motor Ambulance Fund [for World War I]

"Austrian" Resources

Greg Borowetz, Ukrainian Canadian Archives and Museum of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta.

Dr. Andrij Hornjatkevyc, Ukrainian professor emeritus and linguist, University of Alberta.

Stanculescu, Gheorghe Radu, Bucharest, Romania and Ion Sturdza, Bucharest, Romania, both members of the ”Sever Zotta” Institute for Genealogy and Heraldry, Jassy, Romania.

Lily Stearns, volunteer archivist at Association of United Ukrainian Canadians (formerly Ukrainian Labour Temple Association), Winnipeg, located the articles. Translations were done by Nancy Kardash of Winnipeg and Mary Skrypnyk of Toronto.

Cemetery List

AFHS Digital Library, Volume I: A Collection of Cemetery Records from (Southern) Alberta
The Alberta Family Histories Society (AFHS) Volume I: A Collection of Cemetery Records from (Southern) Alberta, 2001
The CD contains 68,000 records from nearly 70 Cemeteries in Southern Alberta, 11,000 records from the Calgary Crematorium, and 2,000 records from the Chevra Kadusha (Jewish) Society. Records can be browsed by surname or by cemetery.

Claimants and Creditors

From: Bellevue Times, Blairmore Enterprise, Lethbridge Herald, and various other local newspapers.
Wording is similar to:
Notice to Creditors and Claimants
In the estate of ----, late of Hillcrest, in the Province of Alberta, deceased.
NOTICE IS HERBY GIVEN that all persons having claims upon the estate of the above name ---, who died on or about the 19th day of June, A.D. 1914, are required to file with the undersigned, by the --- day of ---, A.D. 1914, a full statement duly verified, of their claims and of any securities held by them, …, etc.
Because this list was submitted to the newspaper by local lawyers the spelling of the names should be fairly accurate.


From: Lethbridge Daily Herald, Feb. 13, 1915, p. 1,5. Hillcrest Orphans get $250,000, Coal Company makes Generous Agreement, Compensation for Austrian Dependents Will be Held until Peace is Declared.

Italian Sources

Paola Viotto (Pedroli), Historian, newspaper correspondent, part time archivist, and researcher. Contact:
Archivio Storico della Diocesi di Milano

Manitoba List

From: Manitoba Free Press, June 23, 1914. Classified List of Hillcrest Victims.
A list of some of the miners according to: religion, country of origin, language spoken, lodges. Header says: Frank, Alberta, June 22. I assume copied from an Alberta paper, but I haven’t found the original.


Welsh, Eva. Mantrip Project, Crowsnest Pass Ecomuseum Trust Society

Official List

From: Report on Public Works in the North-West Territories, Report of 1914. Department of Public Works, Alberta.
Can be found at:
Because this list was submitted to the Department of Public Works by the Hillcrest Colleries the spelling of the names should be fairly accurate.

Provincial Archives Alberta

List: "Particulars re Hillcrest Victims". PAA 1977.0237.740a1
List: "Religious Denominations Document". PAA 1977.0237.740a4

Online Resources:

Books and Others:

  • Anderson, Frank W. Canada's Worst Mine Disaster OR Hillcrest Mine Disaster. Calgary, Alberta: Frontier, 1969.
  • Bellevue Mantrip Project. Bellevue, Alberta: Crowsnest Pass Ecomuseum Trust Society, 2011. [CD ROM]
  • Buckley, Karen. Danger, Death and Disaster in the Crownsest Pass Mines 1902-1928. Calgary, Alberta, University of Calgary Press, 2004.
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  • Smallwood, Rick. "Canada's Forgotten Tragedy: The Hillcrest Coal Mine Disaster". History Magazine. Aug/Sept 2011: 13-16.
  • Smallwood, Rick. Canada's Forgotten Tragedy". [CD ROM - video]
  • Triumph and Tragedy in the Crowsnest Pass. Edited by Diana Wilson. Surrey, British Columbia: Heritage House, 2005.

Big Thank You

To all the descendants of the miners that we were able to locate, for all your information.