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Underground worker. Controls the ventilation direction.
Salary 1914 $3.30 per 8 hours

Underground worker. Made sure chutes were pulled of coal daily; had to have legs like cast iron; used a bucking stick – a hockey stick worked well or jumped into the cute and pushed with legs; if it would not run, he worked like hell to get it to run; miners would train any water they came across into their chute as it made the coal slide easier but the bucker often got soaked.
Salary not known.

Underground worker. Coordinates buckers and coal car loading and which chutes to take the trains to keep a good flow of coal and keep the miner’s chutes empty.
Salary not known.

See also Mine Carpenter
Outside worker. Did general required carpentry work.
Salary 1916: $3.85 for 10 hour day.

Not a “union” man. Works for the company.
Salary varies with job, unknown amount.

Underground worker. Operated horse teams to haul coal.
Salary $3.03 per 8 hours.

Underground worker. Has charge of all drivers, chutes loaders,spraggers,trappers,and others engaged in hauling coal.
Salary not known.

Person who is the holder of a first, second, or third class certificate, appointed to inspect the working places inthemine and the roadways and approaches thereto, and other accessible parts of the mine and to see that such are safe before a shift is allowed to enter such working places or other parts of the mine; shall make inspections and carry out such duties as are required by Act and Regulations made thereunder; when making his inspection before work commences, chalk his initials and date of inspection at the face of every working place in the district under his charge and shall see that all entrances of anyplace which may be found unsafe are fenced off.
Salary not known.